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I'm so happy that there is now a SFW version of Kisekae2!
I'm surprised that nobody has created the characters of Hibike! Euphonium onto Kisekae.
The last time I took this test was on December 2010. My score was a 19. Let's see how much my score has risen since then!

[x] You've seen at least one anime.
[x] You've read at least one manga.
[x] You watch anime/read manga on a regular basis.
[x] You think that anime and western cartoons are two separate things.
[x] You're in anime club.
[ ] You've cosplayed at least once.
[ ] You counted Halloween costumes from when you were a kid as cosplay.
[ ] You cosplay in public.
[x] You've been to at least one anime convention.
[ ] You cosplayed there.
[ ] You traveled more than 200 miles to get there.
[ ] You like Japanese food. (I prefer Fast Food.)
[ ] You like any of the following in particular: sushi, pocky, cheap ramen, ramune.
[ ] You know that sushi isn't just raw fish.
[ ] You've made bento lunch.
[ ] You've made a charabento.
[ ] You go to the Asian shop on a regular basis.
[ ] You've actually been to Japan. (I want to go there...)
[ ] You've been to Japan solely for the anime, videogames or idols. (...for that reason)
[ ] You're learning/know Japanese. (I want to learn it)
[ ] You're learning it to watch anime without subtitles.
[ ] You have Japanese blood.
[ ] You CLAIM to have Japanese blood.
[x] You're in love with a fictional character made by Japanese people.
[ ] You claim you're married to said fictional character.
[x] Anime is so much better than western cartoons.
[ ] You call all cartoons anime.
[x] Anyone who hates anime is dead to you.
[ ] You call characters by their original Japanese names.
[ ] You call characters by their romaji spelling
[ ] You defend Pearl Harbour.
[ ] You think Pearl Harbour's a new anime that just started airing in Japan.
[x] You think Japan is the greatest country on Earth.
[x] You think that just because they make the best media.
[x] You listen to J-music.
[x] Exclusively.
[ ] You know that it's pronounced "Gakuto" and not "Gackt".
[ ] You can name all the Vocaloids. (Not anymore. There were lots of new Vocaloids introduced since 2010.)
[ ] WITHOUT looking it up.
[ ] You like Hetalia.
[ ] You think Japan is the best character.
[ ] You wear items of anime-related clothing in public. (I used to)
[ ] You play only Japanese videogames/watch Japanese shows/eat Japanese food. 
[x] You use Japanese honorifics.
[ ] To refer to yourself. 
[ ] Your entire room is full of anime merchandise.
[ ] You changed your name to something Japanese.
[ ] Legally.
[x] You want to give your kid a Japanese name.
[x] You want to name your kid after an anime character.
[ ] You've considered having surgery to look oriental. 
[ ] You've had it done.
[ ] You stalk the Japanese exchange students.
[ ] You've been arrested for doing so.
[x] You use memes in daily conversation.
[ ] You watch abridged series.
[ ] You get most of the jokes.
[ ] You use tildes while typing~
[ ] You use Japanese emoticons. (It's 2015, and we use emojis instead of old emoticons)
[ ] You make attempt to Japanese sounding by the Engrish typing.
[ ] You claim you're Japanese on your dA/Facebook/Myspace/whatever.
[ ] You're not.
[ ] You're not even Asian.
[ ] If you're Asian, you think doing Japanese stuff helps you get in touch with your heritage.
[ ] And you're not even Japanese.
[x] People call you a weeaboo.
[x] You prefer the term otaku.
[ ] You break out into Caramelldansen in public.
[x] You want to date a Japanese person.
[ ] No other nationality will do.
[ ] You watch Naruto.
[ ] You wear the headbands.
[ ] Every day.
[ ] You're b****ing at me because they're properly called "forehead protectors".
[ ] You bought said headban- erm FOREHEAD PROTECTOR at Hot Topic.
[ ] You act out scenes from the show.
[ ] FFVII is the best game ever.
[ ] Sephiroth is yours.
[ ] Kingdom Hearts is awesome.
[ ] AxelxRoxas is KAWAII DESU NE~~~!! 
[ ] You wish you owned a real Death Note.
[x] Touhou rocks your life.
[ ] Anime dubs are the spawn of Satan. 
[ ] Vic Miginola is God.
[ ] It's seiyu, not voice actor.
[ ] You use Gratuitous Japanese all the time.
[ ] You add "desu" to the end of every sentence.
[ ] The only thing you draw is anime.
[ ] You're taking an art course, and all you submit is anime.
[ ] All your friends also like anime. (I wish that was true.) :iconforeveraloneplz:
[ ] You want to become a mangaka.
[ ] In Japan
[ ] Most of your manga/anime is hentai.
[x] You know that "hentai" doesn't mean "porn" (It means pervert. Thanks, anime.)
[x] You write fanfics for English class.
[ ] Yaoi fanfics.
[x] You know nothing about Japanese culture except for anime, videogames, idols, music, porn and schoolgirls.
[ ] Everyone says you have no life.
[ ] And its true.

Score: 24

0-10: You probably hate Japan. You're not a weeaboo at all, not even close.
10-20: You like SOME Japanese things but, still not a weeaboo.
> 20-30: At this stage you probably still hate weeaboos. Good news- you're not one.
30-40: You keep your love of Japanese stuff sensible.*
40-50: You're very likely a Japanophile, but you're not as annoying as a full-blown weeaboo.
50-60: You're not a weeaboo just yet, but try and moderate it.
60-70: Weeaboo.
70-80: Please stop it!!!!!!
101: Insane asylum tiems.

OK, I got a 24. Not bad. Maybe this test is outdated. Is there a version for 2014/2015? Because I might get a higher score if I do!
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United States…

Hi, I'm Nazrininator. I am attracted to cute anime girls.


Cute Anime/Chibi
Touhou Music
Game Shows
Meat (Don't forget ribs)
The Internet
Any Music that is positively epic and high in energy
Electronic Music
Denpa Music
Long Car Rides/Drives while listening to music
Modern Cities (In terms of architecture)


Cyber bullies
Cyber bullying
Internet Arguments/Flame Wars
Extreme weather
Inappropriate stuff
Controversial stuff
Blood and Gore
Intense Violence
Places that are mean to you (I hope these places would get destroyed or hacked or blocked.)
Bad Grades
End of the Internet
Inappropriate Ads

Good people on dA

:iconnovaheroi: He is a kind person. He is also fun.
:iconkiyoko-mesprit: She is a kind person as well.
:iconjian57: She has a great sense of humor. She's also a Touhou fan.
:iconcomicadreams: I like RPing with her!
:iconcaropanda: She's one of the best chibi artists on deviantART.
:icongoldfrenata: She's a pretty fun girl who likes BFDI.

I give llamas to users who

are awesome,
give a llama,
watch me.

I would draw anything in low quality, as long as it's not controversial or mature.

My icon is made by :iconacoela:. Unfortunately, she abandoned the icon family.

I can only use my icon. You can not use it.

My favorite pony from MLP: Applebloom :iconapplebloomplz: She's so cute!

Brony State: I support Brony art, but I don't watch the series.

I was born in 1995. That means my nostalgia period would be from 2001-2025. I'm living in the 2010's, the era of portable electronics that can do a whole lot of things! It's also the era of the internet!

Grumpy Meter: None

I was thinking about an artist drawing all the Touhou characters aged based on the date they were released. Reimu would be 16 years old (Debuted December 1996), Marisa, 15 (Debuted August 1997), Alice Margatroid, 14 (Debuted December 1998), Flandre Scarlet, 11 (Debuted August 2002), all the way until the new Ten Desires characters, where they're only 1 year old, plus a few months (Debuted August 2011).

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